Bed Bugs are mostly active at night. Attracted by our Co2, they attack us while we are most vulnerable-Sleeping. Bed Bug bites can affect each individual quite differently. Some of us wont have a reaction to their saliva at all, while others can have severe reactions.  This could explain why your spouse thinks he/she isn’t getting bit, and you are.

Bed Bugs feed  on us by piercing our skin and withdrawing blood . They can feed from three to 10 minutes. They become engorged and then crawl away unnoticed into even the smallest crack or crevice.

Most bed bug bites are painless at first, but later can turn into itchy welts if you have an allergic reaction. While bed bugs aren’t proven to cause disease they can lead to secondary infections like MRSA if allergic reaction is severe.

Below are some examples of bed bug bites.

bedbug bites
bedbug bites
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