Tips in finding the right Bed Bug Exterminator for you!

Tip 1: Find a reputable company that is licensed and insured. Do your research! Check with the Office of Pest Management, and verify credentials.  Office of Pest Management requires companies to have valid insurance, licensing, continuing education credits, background checks, and does yearly audits.

Tip 2: Find a company that specializes in bed bugs and bed bugs only. Bed Bugs are a difficult pest to exterminate. Find a company that focuses 100% of their efforts on bed bug Extermination.

Tip 3: Most Bed Bug Companies offer “Free Inspections”, An inspection should consists of the technician/company representative verifying an infestation and locating where the bed bug problem exists. Then moving forward offering the best extermination strategy for your situation.

Tip 4: Be mindful of companies using their own K9 detection unit. Honest companies will use 3rd party K9’s to verify their work.

Tip 5:  Be aware of high pressured salesman and scare tactics. Finding bed bugs can be traumatizing, you don’t need a company pressuring you into service. Find out if their technicians or salesman are paid on commission or salary?

Tip 6: Know what you’re paying for! All bed bug heat treatments are not the same. Some companies advertise heat, however use equipment such as a blow dryer, steamer, or rent dangerous equipment not rated for pest control use.  Ask about procedures and extermination plan?

Tip 7: Beware of gimmicks.  A Company offering a 1-3 year warranty is most likely building that price in your up front treatment cost.


Why Is EcoForce Heat Systems You’re Bed Bug Company?

First and foremost, we care about our customers. We understand finding out you have bed bugs can be a horrific ordeal. These bugs can hold you hostage in your own home.

We are fully licensed by the Office of Pest Management and fully insured, including workman’s comp. All our employees have had background checks, have been fully trained, and are paid on a salary basis-No Commission based employees.

We focus 100% of our efforts on bed bugs. This allows for great customer service and successful treatments.

We offer FREE in home inspections. Our technicians will inspect your home, discuss treatment strategy and make sure you understand and are comfortable with our heat treatment process.

We believe in what we do, killing bed bugs is our passion and we make it our number ONE goal to leave you bed bug free. We have NEVER left even 1 of our customers with bed bugs!

We offer full structure heat treatments, or partial structure heat treatments. Using state of the art heat equipment certified for pest control use.

We are the only company that offers a customizable warranty. We understand re-infestation is possible. Most likely you have no idea how you got bed bugs in the first place. Our BedBug Protection Plan offers our customers peace of mind and protection against re-infestation. With no fine print.

If you are looking for a Bed Bug Exterminator in Phoenix, consider EcoForce Heat Systems; we offer quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.